Predicitve Analysis

Providing value and insight from data that you did not know was possible.

AI Insights

You have a problem, we bring smart solutions.

Text Analysis

Quantify what is being said in articles relating to you or your business partners to allow for positive influences on business choices. Choose between finance and adverse behavior as a focus point. A peek into industries and what the trend is in a public feel environment.

Anomaly detection

Find the needle in your haystack by allowing us to set the haystack alight. Solutions built and optimized to your data and goals. Approaches can be analytics and rule based using a dynamic threshold scenario that is built to flag a number of data points that will not exceed business’ capacity to investigate should it be necessary. Machine learning techniques such as variational autoencoders can also be used to unearth hidden relationships between datapoints and possibly exposing anomalies that would have slipped through the cracks otherwise.

Image processing

Machine learning techniques automate processes and efficiently extract information and run it against your database. Less traditional applications such as plant disease detection and extracting information off real-world images are also within your reach.

Artificial Intelligence and design for climate-resilient food production

Sustainability through artificial intelligence

Embracing Big Data within your organization

The arrival of Big Data has resulted in many organizations unable to stay ahead of the market and analyze their data resulting in their sheer inability to remain competitive.

Big Data challenges demand a brand new approach to analytics in order to handle the increasing volume, velocity, and variety of Big Data.

NGA has developed its own internal methods and processes over the past few years to address big data issues and risks faced for both structured and unstructured data processing requirements.

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