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Dissecting Data Science | The Oil is “in” the Data

Our tech and thinking are still far ahead. South African’s must not be scared of what we can achieve; we haven’t missed out on data science: Mark Germishuys – CEO of NGA.

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Data science defined

To extract value from data, data science incorporates numerous domains such as statistics, scientific methodologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analysis. Data scientists use a variety of talents to evaluate data acquired from the web, smartphones, customers, sensors, and other sources in order to obtain actionable insights.

Data science is the process of preparing data for analysis, which includes cleansing, aggregating, and modifying data in order to undertake advanced data analysis. The results can then be reviewed by analytic applications and data scientists to uncover patterns and provide company leaders with informed insights.


NGA, the leading provider of online intelligence solutions delivering data insights to clients, releases its social media business insight solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) after 2 years of hard work, dedication, and research. With the release of this product, companies are now empowered to have the same sophistication and business insight that was once only affordable to larger organizations that had more resources.

Built on the NGA forensic science algorithms and data science platform, NGA combines social media monitoring, analytics, and business insight. Sociallistener customers develop stronger business and industry insight well maintaining brand relationships.

NGA will continue to find innovative ways to harness this insight by developing intelligent layers to automatically analyze content to identify opportunities and points of interest from the large social data sets to assist organizations.

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