Early detection of Adverse Media – the next big trend in data science

Adverse media, or negative news, has for a long time been used in the financial sector as a risk management tool to identify potential criminal behavior during onboarding and periodic reviews of customers. But big data scientists like, Mark Germishuys, CEO of NGA, (Ngidi Germishuys and Associates) are revolutionizing its use to offer strategic business intelligence to customers who are looking for a competitive edge. NGA has been developing and recently launched an advanced implication scoring technology, being the first in the world to do so. They are currently awaiting final approval for various patents globally to further enhance the model. 

Using big data, Artificial inteligence and ML have made the extraction and analysis of public sentiment from digital media channels a lot easier. Any businesses utilizing this technology can access anything from competitor announcements encompassing revenues, fraud, operational issues, opportunities, new product launches, legal, own-brand health, regulatory, and positioning changes, in a matter of minutes.

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