Big data pioneer takes Artificial intelligence to the next level

Long before Harvard Business Review claimed that data scientists have the sexiest job of the 21st century, big data pioneer and CEO of NGA, (Ngidi Germishuys and Associates) Mark Germishuys, had already secured a patent against Dow Jones and Thomas Reuters to build South Africa’s first data capturing machine and IT-infrastructure. A supercomputer that would surpass all forecasting models and identify industry intention before it happens.

Mark is a Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) and has 20 years’ experience in data and statistical pattern recognitions to identify valuable business insight from large data sets. He first launched NGA in 1999 when big data, machine learning and AI were still in its infancy. Thanks to the Internet data volumes had been growing significantly but without any efficient online business intelligence (BI) tools to analyse the data, it was worthless. NGA set out to not only gather data but to also train their machines to better understand the big data so they could make informed decisions on behalf of their clients.

They’ve been able to fully integrate multi databases into one that require little human interaction resulting in precision analysis of the data. This analysis is free of human error and potential bias can assist executives, managers and other corporate end-users in making informed business decisions about business risk, market opportunities and market insight. This is a process that would have previously taken several weeks or months to complete, or not have been attempted at all.

At first NGA specialised in fraud detection, compliance and regulatory reporting for the health and financial sectors in South Africa and in other parts of the globe. Some of their earlier clients included Mercantile Bank, Theba Bank, Momentum Health, PPS and MX Health.

In 2006, NGA partnered with Fundamo, who were leaders in the mobile payment solutions provider globally. NGA were to monitor the mobile money reporting, anti-money laundering and fraud detection processes until Fundamo were bought by Visa in 2011. During the five year partnership with Fundamo, NGA were instrumental in MTN’s mobile money roll-out in Africa and the Middle East, and the launch of the mobile money system Easy Paisa in partnership with Tameer Bank and the Telenor mobile operator in Pakistan and DTAC in Thailand. Related

Profile story: Big data pioneer takes AI to the next level

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