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SocialListener debuts new Tool for Strategic Business Intelligence

Centurion, South Africa – May 1, 2018 – Mark Germishuys, CEO of SocialListener, announced the launch of the firm’s innovative new tool that provides clients with sophisticated and strategic intelligence utilizing hard data and sentiment analysis based on real human behavior to leverage opportunities.

“We believe just as mobile phones changed our lives, we are going to change the way all individuals and businesses can make more informed business decisions with smarter insight,” said Germishuys.

SocialListener has 17 years of experience in uncovering real-time risk, fraud, and money laundering in over 40 countries. The company has drawn upon that experience to create a powerful alert engine and data analysis system that highlights inconsistencies, irregularities, and opportunities within both structured and unstructured data in more than 110 languages.

Up to 90 percent of information usable to businesses originates in an unstructured form. SocialListener doesn’t just monitor social media sites to discover what’s trending. The firm provides clients with social listening data garnered from billions of blogs from organizations of all sizes that many companies may not have access to due to constraints of financial or technical resources.

The firm uncovers strategic associations between companies, people, locations, and social data that directly impact a client’s industry. More than 200 sub-industries are monitored and the company’s content experts scrutinize data for emerging themes in multiple industries that will affect an extensive variety of business decisions.

SocialListener performs the digital research needed for companies and entrepreneurs to exercise due diligence, assess reputation risk, opportunities and deliver an optimal digital presence or the best strategic business approach relevant to their target market automatically. Clients are provided with a highly accurate view of their product or service performance, brand health, and compares it against competitors. Sociallistener also analysis emerging trends in industries to enable our uses to be proactive and aware of any events that could affect them in the future.

The unique new tool contrasts and evaluates reports from social media, blogs, and breaking news to extract the specific data that clients need to best position their digital presence and align their business operations. Clients have access to competitor announcements encompassing revenues, fraud, operational issues, opportunities, new product launches, legal, own-brand health, regulatory, and positioning changes.

Clients can customize the wealth of data available for specific times, trends, campaigns, objectives, and patterns. The company extracts data as to who is talking about the client’s business and where associated content is originating through geo-mapping. Reports can be downloaded with a single click.

SocialListener’s new tool helps business owners and entrepreneurs develop strategies, accurately assess opportunities and risk, and position products and services more effectively. Clients obtain the critical data needed to build strategic partnerships, optimize programs, and obtain industry insight critical for success.

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