Go beyond the limits of standard rule-based systems that detect only known fraud schemes. It’s the latest techniques that are deviating from conventional norms that will most harm you. From all available data, including structured data and text notes, derive insights from disparate sources.

It has become increasingly important to foretell future events and circumstances in ever-changing business and economic conditions. The data and text with which we store and work contain hidden patterns and insights that can be revealed through machine learning and captured in the form of models predicting future situational outcomes. Such predictive models streamline and speed up complex decision making processes and help estimate the probability of future results and events. 



The starting point for minimizing the established threats is early identification and evaluation of the risks associated with your business operations. Yet it’s not easy to detect danger because you might be aiming in the dark at the start because you don’t know the very form, color, or taste of the thing you’re trying to find. One viable risk identification strategy is to identify normal behavior patterns and then reveal deviations from the norm through your historical data analysis. This research, however, involves the use of advanced tools for machine learning and text analysis combined with a thorough understanding of the data.

RiskSecure™, with its unique customizable options, offers a powerful solution to Financial Institutions to monitor suspicious customer transactions electronically. RiskSecure™ provides an “early warning system” to identify irregularities, errors and possible fraud. The monitoring is comprehensive, automatic and operates “round the clock”. RiskSecure™ provides advanced monitoring on an on-going basis with its rule and Artificial Intelligence solution.



Decision-makers who integrate data analytics findings into actual business processes do not want to tackle data processing technicalities. Tools and technologies for Business Intelligence (BI) provide these decision-makers with easy-to-understand summaries of outcomes in both graphical and interactive form. BI includes measuring KPIs and other metrics, producing reports, dashboards and scorecards, and performing quasi-real-time monitoring. Non-technical decision-makers who understand both the data and business goals should also be able to create their own custom reports and dashboards readily.

The advent of social media has opened data floodgates on virtually every subject. Millions of people post their views to discussion groups, blogs, product reviews and so on. Market researchers can now access a wealth of data, allowing them to analyze public opinion about any major brand, product or case, conduct competitive intelligence, scan for unmet needs, and more. Now the main problem is that the researchers can not timely process the dense stream of textual data and handle special jargon and the poor quality of social media data in an efficient manner. Researchers are overwhelmed by piles of low-quality data without proper analytical tools and can’t see the forest for the trees.




To monitor Adverse Media 24/7 and discover hidden risks relevant to your operations you require the world’s leading negative news screening solution. We monitor and score all individual and organizations with our adverse media database  to identify the earliest indication of risk, from accusation through conviction. Prevent the lost revenue and increased costs of not knowing who you’re dealing with or might be dealing with. Leverage our database and unique scoring technology to reduce operational and market risk exposure.

Enhanced due diligence (EDD) is a KYC mechanism that offers a  higher level of scrutiny to potential business relationships, and highlights the possibility that customer due diligence can not identify. EDD goes beyond CDD and seeks to establish a higher level of identity security by collecting the identity and address of the customer, and determining the customer’s risk category.  



We have been providing industry data and insights that have informed our clients’ business decisions for the past 20 years. Our software gathers and analyses data from various online sources to inform on important industry and company trends, risks and opportunities. 

The answers to our clients’ questions are made available with just a click of a button, saving valuable time and resources.

With the information provided by our software, our clients gain a clear competitive advantage – they can optimize their service offerings and build strategic partnerships based on reliable data about the best opportunities.