Watchlist Screening

Reduce false positives with unique matching engine

Access Global Watch lists online for Sanction and PEP scanning.

With our AI-powered search engine and comprehensive name-matching technology, you will be able to easily detect and fight financial crime.

Boost your Anti-Money Laundering Compliance With A Smarter Global Watchlist Search

Governments and foreign organizations maintain global watchlists to recognize groups connected to fraud, abuse, extremism, money trafficking, and other aspects of unethical conduct. Individuals, companies, and even nations are examples of entities. Listed individuals may be linked to criminal activities even though they aren’t explicitly committing a crime.

How NGA Will Assist You In Lowering The Risk And Avoiding Financial Sanctions

NGA gives you more strength than a devoted team of researchers, right from the comfort of your own home. We use machine learning, AI-driven name-matching technology, and scalable relevancy ratings to provide the most up-to-date data without human error, unlike legacy providers. You can minimize harm, detect criminal behavior, and reduce false positives by up to 100% with up-to-date, reliable reporting.

Easy Integration

Using restful APIs, NGA's modular, cloud-based platform can completely align with your workflow. We also have a user-friendly, streamlined SaaS gui.

Expert Data Analysis

You will get in-depth and up-to-date information about related organisations thanks to sophisticated name-matching technologies and versatile relevancy ratings.

Quick Updates

In as early as 24 hours, our team will help you plan your product interface and introduce exclusive customizations.

Data Collection That Is Fully Automated

When screening applicants, contractors, or other business partners, it automatically scans several global outlets every day to warn you about possible sanction threats.

Get Global Watchlist and Sanctions Search Results in the Format You Like

NGA has a variety of ways to view our screening reports, allowing you to consume and analyze data in the way that is most convenient for you. Among the possibilities are:

SaaS with a user-friendly interface

API integration that is easy and inexpensive

Uploads in bulk using CSV, XML, or other relevant formats

Continuous Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You will keep informed about possible third-party risks or other AML/KYC enforcement threats by adding ongoing smart surveillance to every NGA solution. For NGA, this ensures you’ll be notified as soon as related institutions appear on some of the many global watchlists we monitor.

Check a politically exposed person (PEP) that has been flagged for any possible location-based risk using our Country impression score

Any industry will benefit from our data solutions.

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